The Temporary Tattoo Project

About The Temporary Tattoo Project

The Temporary Tattoo Project is a creative Givology philanthropic project put on by Lauren Sauma and Robyn Fukumoto collaborating with 6 top tattoo artists to create temporary tattoos that will be sold to raise money for Flying Kites’ Child Sponsorship Program. Each artist was paired with a Flying Kites child in need of sponsorship who inspired limited edition works of art meant to be showcased on your skin. All of the proceeds from this project will go towards Flying Kite’s Child Sponsorship Program and Flying Kite’s Leadership Academy.

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About Givology

Givology is an online non-profit that directly and transparently connects individual donors with disadvantaged students and schools in the developing world, facilitating micro-donations from Internet users to innovative education projects, students and NGOs in 19 countries. As of February, 2011, Givology has raised nearly $60,000 through online donations, and over $120,000 in total.

About Flying Kites

There are over 2 million orphaned children in Kenya, with more than 60,000 children living on the streets. Flying Kites cares for these homeless, orphaned and abused children in an extraordinary way. Our efforts focus on delivering exemplary care, rather than providing care at a more simple, subsistence level. The children who come to live at our Center, Flying Kites Leadership Academy, will experience the highest quality of childcare, have access to excellent medical services, and receive a first-class education. We believe that we must change the way we practice charity and development; as a result, the children themselves will finally be able to change their world.